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Flipping Junkie is a podcast for people addicted to flipping houses and real estate investing. Subscribe for weekly episodes with interviews from regular Joe house flippers that have become successful flipping houses as well as expert real estate investors sharing their best secrets on how to flip houses for big profits. Find out in detail, what is working today, to find great deals for flipping, how to properly analyze deals for flipping, renting and owner financing, determine repair costs, find contractors and manage rehab crews, what improvements to make and how to quickly sell your houses for big profits. Don’t worry, we won’t leave out the serious mistakes that you need to avoid when get starting and growing your real estate investing business. Join Danny Johnson to get the inside scoop on how to get started in this life changing business that has such huge potential to create financial freedom for you and your family.
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Flipping Junkie - Danny Johnson - For Those Addicted to Flipping Houses




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Dec 28, 2015

Nathan Cron is the broker at New Western in San Antonio and Austin.  They did 370 deals last year! 


Nathan is also a good friend of mine and we have done a lot of business together.  He is one of my ‘go-to’ guys whenever I wholesale a deal. 


In this episode, Nathan shares how he got started in this business by answering a newspaper ad after college.  He credits his success to being blessed to get started with that company and getting the proper training.  He now gives back by helping people get started through New Western.


He shares the stories of a couple of deals where he bought them, fixed them up and then rented them out for incredible cash flow.


Nathan shares my belief that it’s important to buy conservatively (cheap) and try to stay as debt free as possible.  We talk for a while about how the market is always cyclical and if you want to be successful throughout each cycle, you have to be somewhat conservative.


Nathan’s strategy for attaining his goal of $10,000 month in passive income is just plain smart.  He waits until he has the cash to buy the house without a loan.  This way he gets incredible cash flow, tax benefits and security.  He’s also a little different in that he rehabs these houses as if he is going to sell them.  Most landlords do lesser rehabs for rentals to save money.  He doesn’t want to have calls about broken toilets and clogged drains so he makes sure his rentals will be as maintenance free as possible.  This also does wonders with attracting the “right” tenants.  The tenants that won’t make your life miserable.


We also talk about how being resourceful is what separates those that succeed at real estate investing from those that do not

Dec 21, 2015

Anybody that’s followed the flipping junkie blog for any length of time knows I don’t care much for rentals (really, more specifically, managing rental properties).  I really enjoy just fixing up a piece of junk house and selling it quickly for a nice profit.  I’m sure I could learn to love rentals if I just knew how to do it with as little hassle as possible.  That’s why I decided to have todays guest on the show.  He is an expert on cash flowing houses and apartments.


This episode was packed for of information from Joe Fairless.  He controls more than $21 million worth of real estate, attends more Third Eye Blind concerts than anyone else, is an author and comedian, and host of the very popular Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast.


Joe was very courteous today as I had problems with audio that delayed the recording of the interview for about 5 hours…. Luckily, he was flexible and was still able to be on the show.  So, extra thanks to him for that.


In this episode Joe talks about the four single family properties he bought in Texas (he lives in New York) for cash flow (he sold one to cash out).  He shares with us how he calculates the cash flow using the calculator mentioned in the links below. 


He also shares insight into his first big apartment complex deal….168 units that he had to raise over  a million dollars for!!!!


Do you know the difference between economic occupancy and physical occupancy?  I didn’t.  Joe breaks it down for us and why it’s so important to find out about economic occupancy when evaluating an apartment deal.


Joe also shares his ingenious strategy for determining if an area is improving or decaying by checking out two local restaurant chains that are in almost every city.   


There are some great rules of thumb also mentioned throughout the show.  Some are:


* 1 manager for every 100 tenants

* $250 per unit per year should be set aside for cap ex (capital expenses like roof replacement, exterior maintenance etc)


Enjoy the episode!

Dec 14, 2015

Mitch Stephen has been flipping houses in San Antonio for over 20 years.  Over that time, he’s managed to purchase over 1000 houses!   


He specializes in owner financing properties. 


He is also the author of several books.  One is My Life and 1000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom, which details his journey in real estate investing and My Life and 1000 Houses: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties.


And just to show you what kind of guy Mitch is, I want to share the story of how I got his first book.


I found out about it when it first came out and ordered it right away.  I didn’t receive it within a day or 2 and, honestly just wanted to say hello to Mitch so I called him.  He promptly drove 45 minutes to my houses and personally delivered the book to me.  That’s incredible service!



In this episode Mitch talked us through a typical owner finance deal where he can buy a house cheap and owner finance it to a buyer as-is.  There are a ton of benefits to doing this instead of renting. 


First, he makes money on the sell with a down payment from the buyer.  The buyer does the fix up so that Mitch doesn’t have to.  The collateral for the loan is improved by the buyer making the loan even more secure.  Mitch doesn’t have to pay the property taxes and insurance as he’s sold the house to the buyer.  He also is not the landlord so he doesn’t have to fix toilets or anything else. 


There was a lot more detail shared within the episode, so be sure to listen and be ready to take notes.


If you are planning on owner financing properties, you really need to be aware of Dodd-Frank.  Mitch discusses how to make sure you are in compliance using a cool short-cut.


Mitch also discusses why he likes driving for dollars so much and some tips to make it even more profitable.   He also discusses why he doesn’t feel bandit signs work as well as they used to.


You will also find out about his system for knowing which marketing he is doing is producing the calls he receives

Dec 7, 2015

Tucker owned a mortgage company and switched to investing around 2008-2009.


He wholesales, rehabs and does new construction.


Tucker talks about the transition from rehabbing to adding additions and moving into knock down and new build.


Learn how he determines which strategy he is going to pursue with the deals he gets.


He also tells us how he uses driving for dollars and direct mail to get his deals.


Tucker shares how he deals with the high levels of competition with key tips on how to talk to sellers to improve your chances of getting them to sell to you because they like you more.


Motivated sellers sell at a discount because they want the ease of disposing of a property.  They know they are giving up equity in exchange for a quick, hassle-free sale. 


“We’re in the business of getting people to exchange equity for ease of transaction.”