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Flipping Junkie is a podcast for people addicted to flipping houses and real estate investing. Subscribe for weekly episodes with interviews from regular Joe house flippers that have become successful flipping houses as well as expert real estate investors sharing their best secrets on how to flip houses for big profits. Find out in detail, what is working today, to find great deals for flipping, how to properly analyze deals for flipping, renting and owner financing, determine repair costs, find contractors and manage rehab crews, what improvements to make and how to quickly sell your houses for big profits. Don’t worry, we won’t leave out the serious mistakes that you need to avoid when get starting and growing your real estate investing business. Join Danny Johnson to get the inside scoop on how to get started in this life changing business that has such huge potential to create financial freedom for you and your family.
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Sep 26, 2016

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Brett Snodgrass is an awesome real estate investor in Indianapolis, IN.  He’s been a full time real estate wholesaler for about 10 years now, and it has been an incredible business that God has used to provide for him and his family. He’s a simple guy, He loves taking his little beater-boat out on the lake, spending time with his wife and kids and enjoying the relationships he has around him.

Today, Brett shared with us his direct mail strategy where he sends out over 20,000 pieces per month and landing roughly 10 deals. 

What I enjoyed was the discussion on getting leads from HUD.  HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development and they are responsible for selling off FHA foreclosures. 

HUD sells there homes auction style through the HUD Home Store (  You can bid on these houses and land some awesome deals.

Brett shares with us his exact system for making offers on these HUD houses.  I especially like how he describes his filtering process to make sure that he’s not wasting his time.  This is information that took him months to determine and we get to listen in and save all that time and effort.

Brett knows how to buy houses from HUD, HUD foreclosures.  His system for buying they HUD homes is awesome, from offering 25% of list price and just fishing for counters to knowing when they are more likely to accept an offer, it’s all here in this episode.

Learn how to buy houses from HUD with this episode where I interview Brett Snodgrass. 

Sep 19, 2016

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We’ve all heard those Jeff Foxworthy jokes about how you might be a redneck if you…

For example:

  • You think “loading the dishwasher” means getting your wife drunk.
  • You own a homemade fur coat.
  • You think a chain saw is a musical instrument.
  • You read the Auto Trader with a highlight pen.

What might make you a real estate investor…

We as real estate investors have our own quirks and situations that make us who we are. These are the things that create a special bond between us.

If you find yourself nodding and laughing at the following truisms, well…you just might be a real estate investor.

I’m afraid I haven’t found a cure for it so you’re tough out of luck.

You might be a real estate investor if…

  • you have a thousand keys and you have no idea which house they belong to.
  • you buy every directional sign in stock at home depot, then go to another home depot and buy their stock.
  • you are proud of your lockbox collection.
  • you happily sit on urine-stained couches. (cheers to Rob Caldwell for this one)

Listen to the podcast for more…

Sep 12, 2016

Justin Williams has been a full-time investor for over 9 years.  He’s flipped over 500 houses.  He considers himself a house flipping machinist.  What he means by that is that he is all about building systems so that he could scale quickly and do more with his time.

Show notes can be found at

In today’s episode, we talk about what amounts to a paradigm shift for most investors.  There are three steps to revolutionize your house flipping business:

1. Generating leads on a regular basis

2. Converting those leads

3. Increasing profit

Justin’s whole approach is to focus on those three points, nail down the processes and then scale it.  It’s really that simple.  Maybe not easy to do, but simple.

Justin has done this with his own business and helped many other investors do the same.  Trying to figure it all out yourself would not be the best use of your time.   

The best use of your time is learning from someone with the experience and ability to teach you every step of the way.

Justin has just opened the doors to his House Flipping Formula program.  You can get access to it here:

Sep 5, 2016

Rod Khleif is a passionate real estate investor who has personally owned and managed over 2000 apartments and homes. As an entrepreneur, Rod has built several multi-million dollar businesses. As a community philanthropist, Rod’s work has benefited more than 45,000 underprivileged children and families.

Rod discusses culling a list to make it more accurate and actual outbound calling which he’s done successfully. He speaks to knocking on doors which he did in Denver to buy some of the 500 houses he owned there on a buy and hold strategy. He’s found if you’re willing to do what others aren’t you’ll be successful and he happily talks about all of that in today’s episode of the Flipping Junkie Podcast.

Rod has bought hundreds of houses by door knocking on houses that were facing foreclosure.  Here’s what he did:

He would get the pre-foreclosure list (sometimes referred to as the Notice of Default or NOD list) and then design a route to go to the houses.

He focused on going in the evening after 5:15 when people were more likely to be at home.  If they were not home, he would leave his card (that said something along the lines of ‘Foreclosure Assistance Specialist’).    He would then try again on Saturday.

Persistence.  That’s what lands deals.  Huge deals.  He was doing what most investors still won’t do to this day!

When the homeowner is home, you must genuinely care about helping them.  If you only care about making a buck, go and chase bank-owned MLS properties….door knocking is not for you.  Homeowners will smell a shark a mile away.

Ask them questions to guide them through the conversation.  You’ll need to build rapport so that they’ll talk openly with you so that you can offer up solutions to their foreclosure.

Rod liked to ask them what options they’ve already considered.  This is a good way to get the conversation going. 

Rod makes sure to verify the accuracy of his mailing lists and will look for phone numbers of the owners.  This is also something most real estate investors do not do.  If you are serious about real estate investing, finding the owners, finding their phone numbers and calling them can net you big deals.

You can find out what service he uses to verify the accuracy of his lists and find phone numbers by visiting the show notes page at